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Soccer training programs for all ages, we have plenty of different soccer training dates that you or your kids can register for. We will be offering more programs over the next few months so check back and see which one you can apply for. The costs will also be listed on our site as well.


Top World Class Facility

When it comes to the environment and facilities, we have some of the best in the industry of soccer clubs, because of our donors and financial contributors, we care able to afford wonderful soccer domes for our members and for all the kids that join our community.

soccer-club-1Experts on Staff

With our staff having a combined 75 years of experience in the soccer sporting industry and also having plenty of experience in the training and developing part as well, we will be able to teach anyone who joins our community the correct way. Go to our contact page to get started.


All Ages & Optimized For Youth

Our soccer training system is made up to support all ages and all sizes. We also have specific programs that are for youth only and so we can cater to your children as well. We will be having a monthly even which is a introduction to our facilities and how we like to do things. We encourage anyone interested to sign up and join a group!


Soccer club – Latest on Manchester United

Soccer is a globally loved sport which has billions of dollars invested into it. Its simplicity to play is its greatest appeal, as all an individual needs is a ball. Along with the large financial backing, it has fans from all over the world supporting different teams or clubs. Some of the most known clubs include: Barcelona (Spain), Real Madrid (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany), Paris Saint German (France) and Manchester United (England). Split into different leagues worldwide and with a large variety to choose from, this piece will focus on one soccer club, Manchester United.

As far as soccer clubs go, very few can compete with the popularity achieved by Manchester United or the Red devils as they are also commonly known. Many Famous names have graced the red shirt such as Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo. Its most notable manager being Sir Alex Ferguson who retired, it is currently coached by Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho or ‘The Special one’.

Current news

With a sensational beginning of the soccer year, which saw Manchester United sign star forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic and break the world record signing fee for Paul Pogba, at a staggering 89.3 million Pounds. It is little wonder why they are always in the news. Currently trending though, is a low point story in their Captain Wayne Rooney. Often seen as the talisman of the team, his recent slump in form has seen him dropped to the bench by the manager as well as being dropped to the bench for his country England (for which he is also captain). He is regarded highly by his teammates who back him to recover; only time will tell if the once prolific striker can bounce back again.

With the soccer season currently on break due to international matches, another headline gathering momentum is the upcoming match between bitter rivals Liverpool and Manchester United. Dubbed ‘red Monday’ and scheduled for October 17th. It promises to be one of the biggest matches for the premier league season so far. The clash of the two English giants will pit Jose Mourinho against Jurgen Kloop (Liverpool manager), in what promises to be a battle between the heavyweights. Mourinho’s United had a promising start to the season, which was cut short by 3 straight losses in September and face on the other hand, Kloop’s Liverpool which although suffered a recent defeat, have been electric this season with a backing of four straight wins. A mouthwatering thriller is definitely in-store.

In other news corresponding with the two week international break, some soccer players not currently playing for their national teams have taken to social media. Spanish and Manchester United midfield player Juan Mata, recently blogged about his holiday in Spain and how he is feeling very refreshed for the restart plus upcoming clash with Liverpool. On the other hand, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic also took to social media by posting a picture. It showed the star with an oxygen mask seated on a treadmill after seemingly pushing his body to the limit. He captioned the picture with “There is no free time, there is hard work and objectives”.

Soccer Player Terrence Boyd Calls His Return To The U.S. National Team As Being A Miracle

Soccer player Terrence Boyd, announced to the soccer news world that his return to the United State National team was a ‘miracle’. This is due to the fact that he has spent nearly two years away from the team as a result of a devastating injury. In fact, the injury that he sustained was so debilitating that he proclaimed that they were actually contemplating about the possibility of retiring at the young age of 25. At the time when he spoke about the possibility of retiring with his bosses in May 2015, he was still experiencing issues with his knees which derailed his chances of sustaining a successful career. This in itself sent shock waves throughout the soccer news world, as many fans wondered if he would ever return.

He also proclaimed that his girlfriend and his family members were overly concerned with him once he sustained his injuries. He was overly cornered as well because he said that if he stopped playing soccer, he didn’t know what he would be able to do to take care of his family. Terrence Boyd initially tore the ACL in his knee back in December 2014. After he tore the ACL in his knee, he subsequently experienced numerous complications which were caused by a cyst which was located in his calf, that lead to three additional surgeries. At that point, he proclaimed that he was in the midst of giving up all hopes of ever playing soccer entirely. However, he said within that very same month that his knee was in good shape again and he was able to move on and go to rehab. In his own words he described it as being a miracle.

As he continuously strove to rehabilitate his knees, he was then able to go to a full training camp this last number for his new club, where he managed to make a preseason goal in July, which gave him a well needed confidence boost. Even though he hasn’t made a match day roster, he has been playing in reserve games, some lasting for up to 90 minutes, as he gradually builds up his match fitness. He also proclaimed that at this point, he just needs to be in more games so that he can get comfortable with the pitch again as well as to gain his experience back.

But Terrence Boyd hasn’t just been going through his rehabilitative process alone, United States Coach – Jurgen Klinsmann – has been supervising his progress and even had a conversation with him over the phone once Terrance went back on the field. Terrence proclaimed that the coach told him that he was going to send another individual to see him play in person. Even though Boyd said it was “kind of weird”, he realized what his coach’s intentions were and called it a very kind and considerate act on his behalf, because the coach basically sent someone to watch him play to ensure that he would not sustain any more injuries.

In a closing statement he made to a prominent soccer news company, he said that he was very grateful for all the obstacles that he overcame which in itself was a humbling experience. He also said that once you overcome something that he went through, you appreciate everything even more so than you did before.

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